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Jason Elford

CMK Wealth Management Inc.

Jason Elford has been involved in wealth creation and management since 1998. With a strong personal commitment to ongoing education and professional development, he is able to maintain knowledge and skill at the top level and thus is able to serve clients with the most current tools and methods.

Jason’s top priority is to build long term relationships with his clients. He feels it is essential to learn where his clients have been, where they are now, and what their future goals, values and objectives are before any advice is given. As a client of Jason’s, you can expect to receive ongoing thoughtful service based on these insights, with comprehensive financial planning advice. When appropriate, this will switch to a specialized focus on retirement and estate planning.

Unlike many others in financial services, Jason works as an independent consultant and Certified Financial Planner®. This means he works for his clients and is not tied to any one provider of services. As a licensed and independent Financial Advisor, Jason has the ability to scan and research the entire mutual funds market. This way his clients can be assured that they are getting the best possible investment advice, without any bias. He believes in steady growth and is not looking for the home run that may blow away the competition for one year only to lag behind in the next. Instead, Jason’s investment philosophy is to find two or three good, core, mutual funds, and build a solid portfolio from there. Higher volatility products can be added to the mix if they meet the overall risk tolerance and allocation objectives.

As well as being a dealing representative for mutual funds, Jason works as a broker for insurance. This allows him, again without bias, to shop for the best insurance to meet his client’s specific needs. There are four important types of insurance which Jason focuses on: Life insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance and Medical/Dental Insurance.

One of the main parts of Jason’s work is building his clients a comprehensive Financial Needs Analysis. This analysis gives his clients a snapshot of their financial situation, and helps them discover what they need to do to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

By having access to such a broad range of insurance and investment choices, Jason is able to put together the best combination of products and services for his clients.

Jason's very ambitious work ethic, combined with a reputation for outstanding service, has enabled him to establish a solid client base. With his clients' continued support, Jason consistently achieves levels of success others only aspire to.

Jason provides mutual funds through Belay Wealth. All other products and services are provided through CMK Wealth Management Inc.

Marcus Elford

Financial Advisor

Marcus has always had a desire to help people in all aspects of their lives. He joined the financial services industry to inspire people to get their financial house in order so that they are completely prepared for their future.

Several years ago, while working towards a degree in Criminal Justice with the goal of becoming a Police Officer, he was diagnosed with a life changing medical condition. He knows how difficult and intrusive the insurance process can be and he believes that with his personal experience and his strong work ethic he can make this process more comfortable for Canadians.

Marcus lives in Airdrie, Alberta and when he is not at his office in Calgary he enjoys camping and taking his two dogs Lizzy and Mokai to the various dog parks around town. They are both young and full of energy, so they keep both Marcus and his wife very busy. Sometimes, he will bring Lizzy into the office. She is the unofficial office greeter.

All products and services are provided through CMK Wealth Management Inc.

Denise Reid

Operations Manager - Calgary office

Denise Reid has been in the financial industry since 1995 and has worked as Office Manager for Jason Elford since 2007. Prior to this, she held many positions within CIBC.

Born and raised in Invermere, she loves the valley and all it offers. After graduating from David Thompson Secondary School, Denise took Business Administration at East Kootenay Community College in Cranbrook.

Denise has 2 beautiful boys. She loves being a mom and enjoys watching them grow and change every day.

She enjoys working with the public and likes doing her part to help them plan for the future.